According to your individual request, we can send detailed price list for e-mail.

1. To place an order you need to send a letter to the electronic address specifying therein the number of products (under the photo), and the required quantity requests to change the thumbnail.
2. After preliminary negotiations and all agreements you pay (in advance) the amount equal to 50% of the total cost of the order, and then we begin to work.
3. The text and the list of guests provided by the customer electronically. The customer is fully responsible for any grammatical errors and typos in the file. We accept texts only as vordovsky file. Names of guests to personalize taken in the same format. Text is printed in its original form and is not adjusted grammatically. At your request, we can send the template text on your preferred language for further adjustments.
4. We recommend ordering a few extra units. After the order, additional copies will cost many times more, as well as the terms of their production may take longer than usual.
5. After receiving the order, you can within 5 working days to provide the claim. If names in the text or make a mistake on your part, the manufacturing of a new invitation pay you if a misprint or any other error occurred due to our fault, we correct and send the products at its own expense.
6. The second part of the sum is paid after execution of the order (before shipping products) to customers from other countries and cities are added to this amount postage.
7. Transfer to other cities and countries carried EMS or any other convenient for you by courier.
8. The customer must take into account that on the photo, products, and its color may be slightly different from the real color.
9. All invitations and wedding accessories, of paper, on the back side there is an inscription If the customer does not want this signature to the order value is added an additional charge of $ 50.
10. When ordering, you agree that you have read these rules and agree with them.
We will be happy make your party exclusive!